Begirale develops control and risk minimizing
products for facilities, processes and individuals

We develop products to increase the security of high criticity processes using Video Content Analysis technologies (VCA)

Edificios e instalacionesBuildings and facilities
Plantas de procesoProcessing plants
Protección de personasIndividuals protection
  • Company

    Begirale is a technology based start-up stablished in 2013 aiming at capitalizing on experiences and in-house developments regarding vision and artificial intelligence, creating high value-adding innovative products in order to secure processes encompassing high critical nature/sensitivity. We habitually collaborate with technological centers in the Basque network of science, technology and innovation, being specially relevant the relationship we maintain with Vicomtech-IK4.

  • Industries

    Begirale focuses on particularly sensitive to collective security and social commitment sectors through effectiveness in accident prevention targets:

    • - Buildings, facilities and special equipping (escalators, lifts, platforms, etc.)
    • - Transportation and communication infrastructures (Railway, roads, energy transportation, etc.)
    • - Industrial and processing plants (energy, refining, petrochemical, chemical...)

  • Technology

    • Patented cutting-edge technology for video content analysis (VCA).
    • VCA is the capability of automatically analyzing video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events.
    • Likewise Artificial Intelligence techniques are used to train and classify the detected events.